I’m Klemen, a freelance animator and motion graphic designer. I have a thing for making unicorns 🦄, fluffy bunnies 🐰, and happy bananas 🍌 (so cliche, I know). I also create enterprise-focused motion graphics, animated explainer videos and UI animation.

The “read more”

My university days are to blame for me becoming a UI/UX designer as well. So I thought “Well, why not join the two fields I love, motion graphics and UX design, together”. I am primarily an animator and motion designer, but I also build UI animations. I’m curious about the animation impact on the UX. That is the reason I too got involved in academic research where I have published an article concerning this specific matter. Apart from my educational experiences, I have gained a lot of skills working with companies such as Vodafone, Fidelidade, EY, Danfoss, Municipality of Lisbon and many more. I have also been freelancing for With Company already for many years (you should really check them out!). The team at With Company helped me raise awareness and importance of bringing culture into the design process.

I was born on the Slovenian coast and moved to the capital city of Ljubljana to study interaction design. For my last master’s semester, back in 2014, I have decided I want to have an abroad exchange experience. I have discovered that Lisbon and I were a perfect fit. So perfect, that I didn’t just stay for that semester, but ever since. I had the chance to meet so many amazing talents here and got across so many fantastic opportunities.

PS: I’m 🐮💩 proof. I don’t design pixel perfect crafts and saving the world with my ninja, solver, thinker superpowers 🤔. I just use my skills and knowledge to make the best outcome while adapting to the target and the client🦄.


Some of the selected clients I have worked with directly or through consulting agencies: Vodafone, Fidelidade, Calouste Gulbenkian, Ernst & Young, CM Lisboa, MOL Ljubljana, Danfoss, Lisca…


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