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Animated Explainer Videos

Presenting ideas is hard. Making them understandable for the target it’s even harder. Every concept needs a tangible way to reach the audience. They need to understand the ideas behind, and the best way to do it is with motion graphics. As long as you don’t ask me to explain a wrongful political view or anything ethically shady, I can do anything you want… There there, I’m still talking about explainer videos.

Character Animation

Bringing emotions into digital products is very important. The best way to do it is to bring a character to the scene. It will live and exist within your product. So, if you want to enhance your presentation, ad or app with an animated character, I can do that. Maybe you just need a friend, when you feel lonely? I can do that too. I can make one personalized just for you.

Apps and Platforms Presentations

There are over a billion apps out there. Don’t even let me start with websites. So, how to stand out? How to explain the idea behind the app or website to the target? You know the answer. With a polished super sleek video presentation of the app/website, of course! Be it a serious corporal presentation or one with a colourful laptop and fluffy bunnies dancing around (would love to do that), I’ll do it.

UI Animation and Prototyping

A properly animated app or website is not only more attractive. It’s proven that UI animation can improve the user experience significantly. UI animation is not just those festive popping Facebook balloons and sparkling buttons. Those have a well-defined goal actually. They can orient the user, bring delight, motivation, feedback and a bunch of other beneficial stuff. Researching the field in the past, I would love to help you out with that.

After Effects Systems and Templates

Sometimes a project requires producing a lot of elements that are very alike, but not the same. Maybe it is just a different copy or a different colour. In those situations, templates and systems can be very handy. I can create an animation only once, and that animation adapts to your text, colours,… You can change all of it without me. Or maybe you just want to impress your mom putting fancy animation on home videos with personalized content by yourself. I can prepare a template for you.

SVG Animations

You are making a website or developing an app, and you want to bring some delight to the product. Maybe it’s just an animated button or a character that will assist your users through the process of your service. How to do it? You would think of a GIF, right? But with a GIF, your app would be the size of a whole server or pixelated to the point it would look like a censured adult image. Good news! With SVG animations, you don’t need to compromise and I can make them for you.